Viborg Restaurant Set To Re-Open Friday After Truck Crashed Into It

viborg, sd - If you live in Viborg and are hungry Friday night, going out to eat could help a local restaurant after a truck crashed through its wall. The red pickup is gone and crews have patched up the giant hole at the Daneville Inn. The driver of the pickup has minor injuries; authorities are looking into whether a medical condition played a role in the crash. 

"One second it was a restaurant and now it's a disaster area," owner Jeff Christensen said. 

A crushing blow isn't what Christensen ordered for the Daneville Inn. 

"There's stuff embedded in the wall, all up in here. Even in the other room," Christensen said. 

Christensen was in the back cooler when everything happened. 

"Shook the whole building," Christensen said.

Now he's shaking things up and shifting things around so the restaurant can re-open Friday night. He'll use an extra room as the dining room for now. 

"We're going to sterilize this whole area and get all the dust cleaned up and get it back. Our cooking area is intact," Christensen said. 

So is the building. Though the truck hit a load-bearing wall, Christensen says a structural engineer is giving him the go-ahead to re-open. 

"To re-open tomorrow, that's incredible. Was amazing to hear that," grocery store owner Randy Johnson said. 

The wall is reinforced right now. The hole in the building filled the grocery store with a lot of conversation.  Johnson says he's glad the building across the street isn't going anywhere. 

"I was concerned about the building being a danger to anybody that was in it or around it," Johnson said. 

It's a mess now, but the restaurant owner says defeat isn't on the menu. Though the red pepper is extra crushed (there's a brick on top of a crushed red pepper shaker), the same can't be said for Christensen's spirit. 

"Viborg is a tight-knit community. Bunch of stubborn Danes. We'll get her open with a lot of people's help," Christensen said. 

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