USD Bans Hoverboards In Dorms


You’ve heard the national headlines. First it was the airlines, and then Amazon banned hoverboards after a number of the scooters reportedly caught fire.

Now, University of South Dakota is banning them in dorms on campus.

USD Freshman Tyler Hofer now rides his hoverboard in the parking lot of his dorm, since he’s no longer allowed to ride it inside the building.

��It��s just a little toy that you ride around; it’s no threat to the community or anything,” Tyler Hofer, USD Freshman, said.

School officials are banning the use of hover boards inside campus residence halls, following recent warnings from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  A number of self-balancing scooters have caught fire from battery glitches.

“We’ve realized that until this issue with the batteries spontaneously combusting is really contained, we needed to take that step to have them removed from residential areas,” John Howe, USD Associate Dean of Students, said.

USD Freshman Apoorv Agnihotri admits that some scooters do have problems, but not every model should be considered dangerous.

“The fake ones are dangerous, the cheap models and stuff. The real ones, they’re not dangerous,” Apoorv Agnihotri, USD Freshman, said.

However, school officials say they’re concerned the boards could catch fire if students leave them charging in their rooms. 

��Largely since it is a battery issue, we thought the prevalence of someone charging one of these devices would be more likely to take place in a hall. That’s why we wanted to start there,” Howe said.

Students had the options of turning their boards over to housing officials, or keeping them stored in their cars for the time being.  Agnihotri says his $500 investment in the scooter, is now worthless.

“It’s kind of upsetting that I bought it and I can’t even use it anymore,” Agnihotri said.

School officials say their next step will be to decide whether to ban students from riding hoverboards on the campus altogether.

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