UPDATED 12:26 p.m. 

The pilot in Sunday’s deadly plane crash in McCook County has been identified. 

McCook County Emergency Management Director Brad Stiefvater confirmed 69-year-old Comet Haraldson, of Sioux Falls, died. 

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6:25 a.m. 

A pilot is dead after a plane crash Sunday in southern McCook County.

McCook County Emergency Manager Brad Stiefvater says Sioux Falls air traffic controllers called around 2:15 Sunday afternoon. 

“They had a pilot that was calling in an emergency, he was having some health issues, and was having trouble with the plane because of his health issues,” Stiefvater said. “The FAA gave that to our dispatch center.”

Only the pilot was on board the single-engine airplane.

“The reported area was the area that we’re in, and units responded,” Stiefvater said. “We tried to raise this individual on the UNICOM aircraft frequency from the ground, to no avail.”

The pilot died. His name isn’t yet released.

“He had stated he was circling, and they were trying to get him to land the plane, and I think that’s what he was attempting to do,” Stiefvater said. “So, we can’t be sure of that. The NTSB will be investigating.”