It’s been 10 months since the 75th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and we can now show you one of the suspects caught in an undercover sting operation. 
For the past few years, KELOLAND News has gone undercover with the Division of Criminal Investigation as agents conduct covert operations to try and stop sex trafficking. We made an agreement with the South Dakota Attorney General’s office not to show any of our hidden camera video of the suspects until there was a conviction or an admission of guilt. 
Today, we can report Toby Magnuson of New Effington, South Dakota pleaded guilty in Federal Court to attempted trafficking, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. He remains in jail awaiting sentencing. 

It all took place at one of South Dakota’s largest events; the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We should warn you that some of the details you are about to hear are disturbing.

Sturgis, South Dakota. Home to one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the country.

Most who attend the event are law abiding citizens looking for a good time. But there are always those people who are looking for a good time, only in repulsive ways. 
“When you have large events like this, there’s a criminal element and we’ve experienced it in the past, some child predators out and about in the community, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves in law enforcement to do certain operations really to protect children,” South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said.

Those operations are undercover sex stings. 
“Hopefully you can protect children from being victimized and you can put some type of deterrence out there to try and prevent this from happening on a larger scale,” DCI Agent Toby Russell said.

In Sturgis, while thousands of bikers are riding the highways and sightseeing, law enforcement officers are hidden in the shadows of the Black Hills posting fake online prostitution ads. 
They’ve given KELOLAND News exclusive access to go behind the scenes to record the operation as it unfolds. 
Immediately after the ads are posted on the internet, people begin responding looking for sex. In this operation, the agents are offering up 12 and 15 year old girls, who are willing to perform sexual acts for money. Only there is no real girl, just undercover agents posing as one. 
“Anyone who would be willing to pay for sex with a 12 year old girl, certainly deserves the attention of law enforcement,” DCI agent Brent Gromer said.

An undercover operation like this takes time with emails being exchanged back and forth between the undercover agents and those looking to have sex with a younger girl.

It’s early in the evening and the agents begin to focus in on only those individuals whose emails indicate a strong interest. 
“One of the individuals who visited with officers tonight was identified as a registered sex offender, these are people who may have done it before, but a lot of times, we hear that it’s their first time,” Gromer said. 
One man’s interest turns into what he thinks is an opportunity. Initially, he agrees to pay $350 to have oral and anal sex with the young girl. He’s agreed to meet with the undercover officer in an empty parking lot, who he believes is a pimp ready to sell him the girl for the night. 
After more texts and emails, the man ultimately agrees to pay $100 for one half hour. During the online chats, he repeatedly demands a nude photograph of the child. He also states that police officers “kill fun like this”, referring to engaging in sex acts with a minor.

Officers meet outside and talk over their takedown plan, once the man shows up and shows the money.

That, along with a recorded conversation of the meeting and numerous emails and text messages, will be enough evidence to get a conviction.

The man, who agents later identify as Toby Magnuson of New Effington, South Dakota, wasn’t in sight of the hidden cameras, but you can hear the agents as they move in for the takedown. 
“Get your hands out of your pocket, on the ground, on the ground, back side, back side, back side,” an agent says.

Magnuson is arrested and charged with attempted commercial sex trafficking.

Later, we asked DCI agent Dan Satterlee to sit down with us to review the hidden camera video. 
“They’ve already negotiated a price for a sexual act, which is committing a crime, so for them to just show up, it gives us better evidence that this is the person,” DCI agent Dan Saterlee said. 

A person who is off the streets and can no longer prey on children.

It’s late, but this night is far from over. 
“We’re not going to tolerate this kind of behavior, we’re not going to tolerate pedophiles and hopefully put some deterrence out there,” Russell said.

Magnuson is one of four people who were caught in the undercover sting operation in Sturgis. The other three cases are still pending.