Tyndall Wrestler's Spirit Kept Alive

tyndall, sd - A high school freshman and his parents were on their way to a wrestling tournament in Mitchell, on Saturday --when icy road conditions sent them across the center lane, and into the path of a semi. 

All three of the Johnsons--from Tyndall, South Dakota, died in the crash. 

 Zach Johnson's teammates are now trying to keep his memory alive.  

The saying goes, "once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy."

But there is nothing easy about the end of Bon Homme's wrestling season. 
Today, the school board recognized the state qualifiers from their district. 

One teammate isn't here to get his award. 

Zach Johnson and his parents died on their way to a wrestling tournament this weekend. 

"When you talk about community, and family. I believe that this is one of the tightest knit communities there is. And when you lose a family, like the Johnsons, it's hard to take," Bon Homme Head Coach Darren Kriz said. 

They lost more than a teammate. 

"Him and I have both been wrestling each other since we were 4 years old," Bon Homme sophomore Joshua Crownover said. 

They lost a brother. 

But these kids know what Zach would have wanted. 

"He always made the mood better, during the season, when I was cutting weight, he would always make me laugh," Bon Homme senior Dommonick Pechous said. 

He's the kind of kid...who would the face of defeat. 

"He was getting pinned, he kept laughing...we all kept laughing. Because we knew he wasn't going to get pinned, he's double jointed in his shoulders," Dommonick Pechous said. 

Which is why these kids know, the best way to remember the Johnsons...

"You looked up to him, you smiled. He was someone you would want to follow," Crownover said. not taking the fall. It's by leaving it all on the mat.

The head coach at Bon Homme says they're incredibly thankful to all of the other wrestling communities who have reached out to show their support--if you'd like to donate to the family, here's the GoFundMe set up in their honor. 



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