Trusting Technicians Through Technology


We all know car repairs can be expensive and sometimes we don’t always trust the mechanics who work on them. 

But a local automotive shop is hoping to ease some of those fears with new technology. 

Most of today’s automotive shops run what’s called a diagnostic test on vehicles to see what’s wrong with them.  But at J&M Transmissions in Tea, technicians are taking that a step further.  

They can now send a digital inspection of a vehicle, along with pictures, video and a brief explanation right to the customer’s phone. 

“It can show everything that’s wrong.  We can circle things on the pictures to show things that are loose.  It can also show what’s right; we want to be able to show them they actually have a good car,” Mary Ellen Heirigs of J&M Transmission said. 

“I’m a girl on the go,” Janean Michalove said. 

Michalove depends on her car.  She came in for an oil change, but through the digital inspection along with pictures that were sent directly to her phone, she learned she also needed a new air filter. 

“It’s nice to know that those things I’m not taking care of are being inspected and taken care of,” Michalove said. 

Heirigs says the digital inspection gives customers’ peace of mind.

“Being able to look and see what’s on their phone and what’s going on with their vehicle is critical nowadays for transparency and just so people can budget their repairs,” Heirigs said. 

The digital inspection is color coded, so it’s easier for customers to understand what needs fixing. 

“Red, Yellow, Green just like a traffic light; those red things are things that are really safety concerns and should be addressed right away.  Yellow is something that could wait a little bit, and green is good.  Green is always good,” Heirigs said. 

The digital inspection can be sent to the customer via email or text message.  

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