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Knowing how to get help for youself or someone you know can often be difficult. It might also be tough figuring out if someone has an addiction.

Gayle King: Was she just so good at hiding it from you, how were you able not to know that she was on heroin?
Angela Kennecke: So, she was an adult child, 21 years old, not living at home, and I thought she was on something and I don’t consider myself a na├»ve person. I’ve worked in the news business for a long time.  I’ve covered a lot of these stories, but she was able to hide this from me.

CEO of Keystone Treatment Center Carol Regier says she’s seen this situation many times.

“With all addictions there’s a sense that with the addict that keeping it secret of not telling people, part of it is the shame, part of it is the addict themselves don’t realize they have a problem,” Regier said.

Regier says they have about 1,000 patients each year and about 20-percent of those are opioid addicts. For many of those people, a treatment center gives them the help they need.

“It’s a combination of the right medications and good psychological help that will help them get a new life again,” Regier said.

Regier says there are a few things you can look for if you think a family member or friend is suffering from addiction. 

“Change in personality is one thing.  Change in sleeping and eating habits; missing family functions is one that families often tell us,” Regier said.

Making sure there is help for those who need it.

“There is help; that’s the hope I want to give people.  There is help for this disease,” Regier said.

To learn more about what Keystone Treatment Center offers, we’ve provided a link.

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