Traps Being Used To Monitor Emerald Ash Borer Infestation

KELO Emerald Ash Borer Trap

More emerald ash borers have been found in Northern Sioux Falls. To help monitor their location, traps have been put in place. 

If you visit parks around Sioux Falls, you may be seeing some purple traps hanging from trees. Wednesday, John Ball, a forest health specialist with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, is installing one of the traps in Elmwood Park.

“What this does is let us know where they’re at and where they’re going, so if we start finding them on some of the edges, we’ll know that the beetles are moving a little bit more that way,” South Dakota Department of Ag Forest Health Specialist, John Ball said.

City crews have placed about six of these traps in different parks around the northern side of town. 

“We put them up on the mid lower canopy of an ash tree, and we try to put it on the south side of the tree where the heat is, the beetles really like the south side of the tree,” Forestry Supervisor for City of Sioux Falls, Duane Stall said.

The traps are sticky so the beetles get stuck, plus have a lure that mimics a dying Ash tree.

This particular trap came from a different area north of Elmwood Park. It attracted about a dozen of the emerald ash borers. 

“The panel traps are not perfect, they catch a few beetles, this one caught a lot of beetles, and so that will sometimes happen and so we definitely know they’re flying and they definitely like that tree,” Ball said.

A useful tool to help monitor the infestation.

“We are still using these traps to monitor the population to see if it’s spreading faster than we anticipate, we want a slow spread, that’s our goal,” Stall said.

Stall says they’ve been putting these traps up for the last seven years as a tool for detection of the Emerald Ash Borer. 

We’ve put together a page on our website where we’ve gathered all our emerald ash borer stories. 

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