We have an update on a KELOLAND News investigation into a holiday market show promoter who took thousands of dollars from vendors who signed up and then cancelled shows all over the Midwest, including here in Sioux Falls. Then she refused to give any refunds.

Our investigation into Street Repeats and owner Teri Hardy Hatland found that she had taken anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars each from vendors in Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota. In every case, she cancelled the shows, leaving vendors out of luck.

“She said, ‘No refunds, sorry.’ A few weeks later, ‘We’re filing Chapter 7, sorry. And we have no money to refund anybody, so you’re out of luck,'”Gena Damgaard of Designs by Us said on December 13, 2016.

While Teri Hardy Hatland didn’t keep her promise to vendors, when it came to holding the holiday market, she did keep her promise about filing bankruptcy. Just last week, Teri Hardy and Don Hatland filed Chapter 7.

According to Bankruptcy Court papers, Don Hatland has an income of more than $100,000 working for Beef Products Inc.in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. 

Hardy and Hatland list 361 creditors – hundreds are individuals that their company, Street Repeats, took money from for the markets. They also owe the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center nearly $8,000. Street Repeats was supposed to hold a Sioux Falls holiday market in November at the Convention Center. 

In all, Hardy and Hatland say they owe more than $203,000. 

We tracked Teri Hardy down in Sioux City, Iowa in December and asked her if she planned to refund any of the vendors.

Angela Kennecke: “I’d like to talk to you about the vendor show you had in Sioux Falls.” 
Teri Hardy Hatland: “Um, no comment.”
Kennecke: “Are you going to give them their money back?”  
Hardy Hatland: “No comment, thank you.”

As required by law, the creditors listed in the couple’s bankruptcy filing are receiving notice of a meeting for creditors on February 6th at 9:30 a.m. at the Sioux City Convention Center on the Main Floor, Room 3, 801 Fourth Street.

The South Dakota Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection has received 16 complaints about Street Repeats and is still investigating. Iowa’s Attorney General Office of Consumer protection has received eight complaints on Teri Hardy Hatland and Street Repeats and it’s asked her for more information.

Nebraska’s and Wisconsin’s attorneys general offices have also received complaints.