Tracking Teri: Creditors To Get A Fraction Of What They’re Owed


She promoted big holiday market shows for vendors in five different states.  
But Teri Hardy Hatland never delivered on those promises and kept the money she got up front from sales people who wanted to take part.  

KELOLAND’s Angela Kennecke has been “Tracking Teri” in our KELOLAND News investigation for more than a year and has an update on what’s happening with the money from an Iowa bankruptcy court.  

You may remember when this group of women gathered outside of the Federal Courthouse in Sioux City last spring.  

They were among the more than 300 creditors that Teri Hardy Hatland and her husband Don Hatland told the bankruptcy court they owed more than $200,000 to.  

Thursday night, we’re finding out who’s getting a refund and how much.  

“Teri, I want my money. I’ve got a five-month old to support.  I want my money back,” Stoltman said on March 6, 2017. 

Discovery Toys salesperson Robin Stoltman didn’t get any answers out of Teri Hardy Hatland last spring.  

But Thursday she knows how much of the $175 claim, she filed with the bankruptcy court against the Hatlands, she’ll get back. 

Angela Kennecke: You’re supposed to get $5.48.  
Robin Stoltman: It’s frustrating. It’s more maddening than anything.  I paid out $175. 

That’s right, $5.48. In its final report, the Iowa Bankruptcy Court is allowing 46 unsecured creditors who are owed nearly $58,000 some money back.  $1,800 will be divided up among them.

“I want my money back–$225 now!”  Gena Damgaard of Designs by Us said on Dec 13, 2016. 

Gena Damgaard is one of the other vendors we spoke with last year. She’s getting $7.04.   

Most of the people the Hatlands owe money to won’t see a dime. And none of it is sitting well with the people whose money she took for shows that never took place. 

“Justice was not really served whatsoever. If justice was really served, I already know justice is a joke anyway, but with this ordeal with Teri, she should have to pay all of us back. If she can’t pay us back, she should get prison time. She should be charged in all the states she’s done this to,” Stoltman said. 

Now there is still a chance the Hatlands could be charged. Wisconsin investigators recommended criminal charges be filed after she cancelled a holiday show there and turned the case over to the Dane County District Attorney’s office back in March. I searched Wisconsin’s court records and there’s no current criminal case. 

Meanwhile, Teri Hardy Hatland has been active on her blog and Facebook page “Motherhood Defined” where she has 62,000 followers. 

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