Tie Tuesday Loops School Together


A local elementary school is a little more sophisticated than the rest, at least on Tuesdays. Robert Frost students are following a fashion trend their teachers started, and now it’s a weekly celebration.

It’s not picture day. There’s no special assembly. It’s your average day at Robert Frost Elementary, except these kids are stepping up their style for a reason.

“It’s Tie Tuesday. It’s a very famous holiday, yeah,” Robert Frost student Kate Lawison said.

“It’s just really fun to like wear a tie. It’s like something different to do,” Robert Frost student Conner Christensen said. 

This “holiday” isn’t actually an official celebration. It all started when the school librarian realized he wasn’t utilizing part of his closet.

“I had extra ties sitting around and I wasn’t wearing them so I thought I needed to make something special about Tuesday,” librarian Korey Erickson said. 

This wardrobe whim kicked off a school-wide fashion trend.  More teachers joined the tie team, and then students jumped on the bandwagon.

Now, this old style is getting new life wrapping the school together.

“Kids really don’t wear ties. So it’s just like a fun day that you can wear ties and also with your teachers too,” Lawison said. 

“Yeah, it makes me feel a little bit older,” Christensen said. 

“Adds that little dash of professionalism that they know when wearing the tie, they’re sitting up a little straighter. They’re standing a little straighter. They’re walking nicer in their lines,” Erickson said. 

Erickson says when Superintendent Brian Maher stopped by earlier this year, they made sure to get a picture with him also celebrating Tie Tuesday.

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