Senate Republicans have asked Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to handle their questioning of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford during Thursday’s judiciary committee hearing.

Democrats on the committee say they’ll conduct their own witness interviews.

Meanwhile, the president is claiming Democrats are behind the allegations against Kavanaugh. Republican Senators, including South Dakota’s John Thune, are voicing frustration with Democrats on how the process is being handled.

“Is this what Democrats want subsequent Supreme Court confirmations to look like? A hyper-partisan process in which character attacks don’t have to be backed up with actual evidence; in which innuendo can substitute for information, and where a presumption of guilt is the order of the day, no matter how shaky or unsubstantiated the allegations,” Thune said. 

A committee vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination is tentatively scheduled to be held Friday morning. The full Senate could hold a confirmation vote sometime next week.