Theft At Construction Sites


Tools and other valuables are being taken from construction sites across Sioux Falls. 

You may not be having work done on your house, but there are ways you can stop intruders stealing from construction sites.

“If you got neighbors nearby it makes a big difference if they keep an eye out on things,” President of the Sioux Empire Home Owners Association Dusty Rallis said.

“For the contractors, I would say, get to know some of the neighbors you’re building around. Whether they’ve got a concern, they can help you watch for theft or if your guy happens to walk across their yard. Then they can monitor that as well,” Rallis said

Contractors and law enforcement ask that if you see any suspicious activity near job sites that you report it immediately. If you notice some of your items are missing there are some steps you can take to try and recover them. 

 “You’re going to want to take an inventory of what’s missing. Places that we buy tools from, they log our serial numbers on everything that we purchase so if we did have a loss, we can touch base with them they could have our tools replaced within a matter of a couple days. But unfortunately you’re down a couple days, so it’s not only your loss of money when you’re stolen from but your loss of ability to work, which also in turn hurts the consumer because they might lose a couple days on their new home that’s being built,” Rallis said.

Trailers may not be entirely secure so law enforcement encourages you to also have an identifier on your gear.

 “A lot of the time the tools are things that can be pawned or sold and most of the time there’s not unique serial numbers, sometimes unfortunately they don’t put their own markings. Some businesses do, some don’t,” Sioux Falls Police Sam Clemens said

Doing business with a reputable company and being aware of what is going on nearby can help prevent theft. Construction companies are also encouraged to monitor their sites with cameras if there are no neighbors nearby.

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