The Mission Ball Approaching 100,000 Sent


A KELOLAND couple is spreading the word of God by shipping soccer balls around the world. Torrey and Heather Babb have been creating The Mission Ball since 2008. Ten years later, they’re still rolling right along and approaching a major milestone. 

In the next few weeks, Torrey and Heather Babb will pack up and send out their 100,000th mission ball. 

“When we placed our very first order, it was just a prayer and a dream that we had to do this,” Torrey said. 

Their idea is simple. Put scripture from the Bible on the ball of the world’s most popular sport, soccer. It’s become a hit with churches, groups and businesses traveling abroad. 

“Soccer is such a popular sport. It’s a really easy way to reach the kids. It’s not just kids, it’s adults too that come,” Heather said. 

Once the balls are made, they are stored at a warehouse in Brandon before they’re shipped to dozens of countries around the world. 

“One of our earliest stories is someone was in South Africa and they were talking about, when they came back, they said, ‘You know, Torrey, I could sit in the park all day with a Bible and no one is going to approach me. The moment I bring that soccer ball out of my bag, I can’t keep kids away,'” Torrey said. 

The Mission Ball continues to grow. On top of soccer, the Babbs are now producing footballs. While English and Spanish are the top-selling balls, there are plenty of other options when it comes to languages. 

“Nearly 100,000 balls sent out to over 90 countries around the world, making it in 38 languages and just seeing all the pictures and testimonies back and knowing that it’s having an impact for the Kingdom and it’s having an impact on the world is a blessing,” Torrey said. 

And this family is really getting a kick out of the organization’s success. 

Each soccer ball sells for about $20. The price goes down the more a church or organization purchases. 

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