While he is getting closer to his last day in office, Mayor Mike Huether says there is still a lot of work left to be done. 

Mayor Huether says it’s difficult to think that his time as Mayor is coming to a close, as his term expires in May of 2018. However, he still has some projects he’s looking at and some advice to the person taking his spot at City Hall. 

With different pictures and plaques in his office, Mayor Mike Huether looks at some of his accomplishments. As he gets closer to the end of his tenure, he says sometimes he takes a look back. 

“You do get a little sentimental. You think about the things that you’ve accomplished or maybe the things you could have accomplished,” Huether said. 

However, Huether is also looking ahead at his last few months in office. Our crew followed him to the downtown rail yard. Development here is one of the biggest projects on the Mayor’s radar. 

“I certainly believe it’s got the makings to be the biggest project we’ve ever done in city history so I want it done right versus fast. I know what sounds crazy coming from me but it truly will be visionary,” Huether said. 

This is a project that Huether says will be mostly in the next mayor’s hands. 

“I’d love to get at least one shovel in the ground before I’m done being the Mayor,” Huether said. 

Other projects the Mayor wants to tackle is phase three of the Downtown River Greenway Project, repairing roads and infrastructure, and the City Administration Building. One of the things the Mayor will have to deal with is slumping sales tax revenue. Huether says that issue will last past his time as Mayor, and will affect the next Mayor. 

“I think the next administration, certainly whether it be the next governor, the next mayor, the next council, the county commissioners, we’re all going to feel this need to tighten our belt,” Huether said. 

Huether says the revenue downturn will make it more difficult to introduce new programs. While he’s proud of his time in City Hall, not every move was popular. The under-construction City Admin Building, was met with resistance from some citizens and council members. The mayor had to use his veto power to get the project moving. It’s something that he says needs to happen from City leadership. 

“If you want to get stuff done you have to make a dang decision and you have to realize not everyone is going to be happy with it but as long as you do it with the entire city in mind then I think you’re making the right call,” Huether said. 

And the Mayor vows to continue to make those calls for his final months in office. 

There are questions about him running for Governor or U.S. Representative after he’s done serving as Mayor. KELOLAND News asked him about that Wednesday, and he says he’s not sure what he is doing yet, but it’s something he talks about with his family daily.