The Future Is Now In Faulkton Classrooms


Technology changes the way we interact with our world every day, and the classroom is no exception. This isn’t just the case in big cities, but in small towns, too. 

Many of us have seen math problems a lot like this one- a story problem, asking the answer to six times five. But you may not have seen it answered like this. Here in the Faulkton School District, these students, all on individual devices, electronically submit their answers, which are posted on the main board for all to see.

“I like that everybody gets a chance to do what they want on it,” third grader Raegan Geditz said.

The system is called ClassFlow, now in its second year in Kari Haberling’s third grade classroom. Every classroom in the school can use the system. The question, or multiple choice, or poll, or text that goes up in front of the class is known as a lesson card.

“It’s very rewarding for me to send out a card to students, and have three or four different students solve that problem in a different way, and then I can share that way with the rest of the students, and then they’re learning from each other instead of from me, and that’s pretty neat,” Haberling said.

“I think because if you don’t go up there, a lot of times just watching doesn’t really make you learn it, but doing it yourself really does. It helps,” Geditz said.

Everyone’s involved.

“I like it because everybody gets to answer, and you don’t have to do everything in your workbook,” third grader Sean Roseland said.

Faulkton School District Superintendent Derek Barrios says what you see here in Haberling’s class “gives each student a voice.”

“The teacher is able to see all these students submit their answer, and then that teacher can kind of look and say, ‘Okay, these students are getting it, these students maybe need some more work, or here’s a concept that my whole class maybe needs to revisit,'” Barrios said.

Geditz likes how no one’s left out.

“A lot of times, people don’t get to do, get a turn, and when they don’t get to get a turn, it kind of makes them feel bad,” Geditz said.

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