The Flooding In Renner


More water is making its way down river to Sioux Falls, but for towns up north it’s already taking a toll.

Water levels in Renner have been on a constant rise since Monday morning. That’s when I stopped down to take a look at what the townsfolk are expecting from this most recent flood.

People in Renner are no strangers to floodwater, but this flood isn’t like all the rest.

The water’s coming from the Big Sioux River. A lot of snow-melt north of here has really pushed the water levels up and we’re looking at a continued rise, Mike Walsh with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office said.

Washing away not only opportunities for local businesses but for some people to have a chance to get home.

It’s coming over one of the main roads in Renner. West of Renner has been completely closed down, it has been for a while, Walsh said.

Certain limits are being put on traffic in town.

What we’re doing is blocking it off. There’s a lot of people that want to come see this and that’s understandable, but we are going to start limiting traffic through Renner to residents and people that own property or businesses here, Walsh said.

For some, flooding is something they’ve experienced before but then there’s those who are new to the action.

This is actually my first time going through it. But, like last Spring it just got to the edge of town, not really in town, like this. There might be some in your yard, but that’s about it, David Karnof, Renner resident, said.

If you’d like updates on road closures you can  click here  to check out an interactive map that shows you which roads are closed all over Minnehaha county.

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