The Best Way To Handle Road Rage


Drivers firing shots out of cars is something Sioux Falls police have dealt with twice within the last four days. Road rage could be a possible motive in both cases.

When Officer Sarah Gacke patrols the streets of Sioux Falls, she said it’s not uncommon to come across someone involved in a case of road rage.

“We’ll see people tailing, tailgating, flipping people off, just like that, just a lot of anger or yelling,” Gacke said.

Whether it’s for driving too slow or cutting someone off, Sioux Falls police say they’re seeing more of it.

Police regularly deal with incidents involving aggression behind the wheel. In fact, they say they get about three complaint calls a week.

“Every once and a while people will call into our dispatcher center and say hey this person in front of me is driving erratically,” Lt. Loren McManus, Sioux Falls Police Department, said.

If you’re the victim in a similar situation, police say confronting the person is the wrong way to go.

The safest thing to do is to drive away from the suspect.

“I think de-escalation is going to be that if you’re able to turn off to a side street and just simply get away from a situation,” McManus said.

Police say you should also take down the car’s license plate and a brief description and report it to police.

“When people are angry they don’t act rationally and things like that can happen. So we just obviously want everybody to be safe on the road,” Gacke said.  

If you’re ever involved in a road rage incident, to protect yourself and the other driver, police encourage you to call 911. 

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