The teen charged in a shooting at Harrisburg High School is changing his plea.

Wednesday afternoon, Mason Buhl pleaded guilty to attempted murder.  

Investigators say Buhl got in trouble at school the week before the September 2015 shooting.  During a meeting with the principal about the earlier incident, Buhl took out a gun and shot Kevin Lein in the arm.  Assistant Principal Ryan Rollinger tackled the teenager; Rollinger and activities director Joey Struwe held Buhl down until law enforcement arrived.

Buhl spoke during the hearing on Wednesday.

“I intend to show with my actions that I am not my mistakes. That I am sorry. I’m sorry to this community. I’m sorry to Lincoln County; to everyone involved,” Buhl said.

Also in court on Wednesday, Buhl’s lawyer said the teenager feels remorse for his actions and has been helped with medication.

Lincoln County State’s Attorney Tom Wollman says Lein has said he feels compassion for Buhl.

In exchange for the guilty plea, the state is dropping a second charge against Buhl. 

Judge Brad Zell sentenced Buhl to 15 years of supervised probation.