Surveillance video shows looters who left behind DNA evidence


While looting and rioting may seem like nameless and faceless crimes, these days cameras capture much of it. KELOLAND Investigates has obtained this surveillance video from just after 11 p.m. Sunday night, which shows a group of masked young people breaking into the Wireless World Verizon store at 41st and Kiwanis Ave.

Police think this group of young people is behind several of last night’s break-ins.

The vandalism and looting were widespread, from a pawn shop at West 10th and Kiwanis to Fleet Farm on the north side of town. Near the Empire Mall, police crime scene investigators were gathering evidence in the T.J. Maxx parking lot.

17 windows in all at the T.J. Maxx store were blown out and there was some looting inside the store. While our cameras weren’t allowed inside, I did take a look around and there didn’t appear to be extensive damage inside the store. However, the store remains closed, for now.

Sioux Falls Police Crime Scene Investigators gather evidence in T.J. Maxx parking lot

Rudolph’s Shoe Mart’s manager next door watched as the crowd turned ugly.

Jescika Kirk of Rudolph’s Shoe Mart: All of a sudden the mood kind of changed and someone said, “let’s get the mall,” and they started bolting across the parking lot straight toward the mall.
Kennecke: Where you standing right here?
Kirk: I was standing right where we are actually,”

Just after 11 p.m., security cameras at the Wireless World Verizon Store at 41st and Kiwanis captured a group of young people throwing rocks at the windows. When the windows didn’t break…

“Now you see a gunshot: boom; right next to his friend, almost shot his friend a few feet away,” Vince Lubben, Co-onwer of Wireless World Verizon, said.

They appear to leave at first and another person entered through the broken glass from the other direction.

“What’s funny about that one is that it’s a dummy phone. If he got it it wouldn’t have done him any good anyway,” Lubben said.

A few minutes later, the first group comes back and begins ransacking the store.

“This guy says,’ ah, I should get some Bluetooth headsets’ and this guy leaves and goes out the door,” Lubben said.

While they were all wearing masks, the looters were not wearing gloves and they left other evidence behind.

“They were grabbing here (the wall)–and you can barely see it now–but there are bloodstains. The private investigators have already been here to take their swabs from the blood. I’m sure these kids are really cut up on their legs–crawling in and out of here.”

VInce Lubben, Co-Owner of Wireless World Verizon

Police told Lubben they believe this same group is behind several break-ins in the area.

“The odds are high they will be caught,” Lubben said.

The businesses say it’s not just items that were stolen, they’ve also been robbed of their peace of mind.

“It’s emotional because it’s hard for small businesses around to make it anymore and for this to happen and our business has to suffer because of it–it’s devastating.”

Katrina Bolte, employee of Rudoph’s Shoe Mart

If you have any information about the people in the Wireless World Verizon surveillance video, contact Crime Stoppers.

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