Rapid City, S.D. (KELO) — For more than 50 years, the Club for Boys in Rapid City has been providing meals to kids.  This summer they’re partnering with Feeding South Dakota for its summer meals program.

When school ends for the summer, many children are left without daily meals. The Club for Boys is using its program to fill that need. 

“The purpose of the programs though, is to make sure that youth in the city, when schools are out, do get healthy meals everyday for their development. And we’re committed to that everyday,” the club’s assistant executive director Mark Kline said

“I don’t know that the need is any greater than it was, but we are out there making sure people know and that they’re getting their food,” backpack program coordinator Sara Gentry said

In addition to the summer meals program, organizations such as the Club for Boys and Girls Inc., offer a backpack program for their members as well.

“The backpack program is for members and their siblings who are under 18. And we get one bag of food for each child in the family. Last year we had three hundred and thirty-three kids that qualified for this and received backpacks,” Gentry said.

The organization also partners with the South Dakota Stock Growers as a part of the “Beef to Schools Program.”

“We try not to be an organization that just opens cans to serve kids processed food. We like scratch food and fresh fruits as much as we can.” Kline said

The program also allows parents to receive meals with their children at a discounted rate.

For more information about the summer meal program, contact Mark Kline or Sarah Haines at (605) 343-3500.

Boys may become members of The Club for Boys if they are 6 to 17, complete an application form and submit a birth certificate with a $12 annual fee. You can click here to learn more about The Club for Boys.