Student, School Leaders Team Up


Leader in Me is in it’s second year at Garfield Elementary School in Sioux Falls. 

Friday, student leaders –sat down with school district leaders for lunch. 

“I’m here to eat lunch with the superintendent of the school district,” 4th grader Dahlia Authier said. 

“Today’s an opportunity for us to recognize kids for doing something good,” Sioux Falls Superintendent Maher said. 

Elementary school can be tough. 

“It’s just nice to be acknowledged, and not to always be the kid that’s left out,” Authier said. 

Garfield Elementary fourth grader Dahlia Authier knows that first hand. 

“I’m not here to goof off. I’m here to learn. I’m not just here to goof off and hang out with my friends, I’m actually trying to learn,” Authier said. 

She’s one of the quiet kids. The ones who do their work, and treat others with respect. 

“Everybody should be treated with respect, and should not be judged,” Authier said. 

Kids like Dahlia who go above and beyond — are sometimes forgotten.

“So many times in society, we give emphasis to things that aren’t good,” Maher said. 

Friday, all that good behavior, isn’t going unnoticed. School leaders are sitting down for lunch with Garfield leaders. 

“If you show meanness to people, that meanness can come back to you. If you’re respectful, that respect can come back to you,” Authier said. 

Friday, no leaders are left out. They’re getting the recognition they deserve–for being good students every day–just because it’s the right thing to do. 

The Leader In Me program is in schools across the country–encouraging good behavior in students, by teaching them respect through 7 habits for success. 

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