Storm Causes Landscape Nightmare


This mixed bag of weather is impacting all kinds of companies in KELOLAND. We caught up with some landscapers who say this storm is throwing off their entire season.

It hasn’t been a pleasant day for anyone. Even people who make a living off the snow are dreading the next 24 hours.

“Yes, we are definitely ready for it to be over,” said Lance Dunn, D&K Lawn Care. 

D&K Lawn Care crews have been resting up and repairing equipment, all to get ready for Friday night.

“We know this is going to be a tough one. It’s going to be tough on equipment. It’s going to be tough on the shoveler. It’s going to be wet and heavy and just hard to work with,” said Dan Pyle, D&K Lawn Care owner.

Usually this time of year the work looks a lot different. In fact, in the shop they have one truck full of seeds, and another with salt for the roads.

“We should definitely be getting yards ready for the summer. De-thatching and just getting ready to start mowing and getting landscape going,” said Dunn. 

“Oh I think we’re going to go right to summer. It definitely limits our window of work on de-thatching lawns because if it gets too green you’re actually hurting the yard,” said Pyle.

If you’re worried about your lawn, Pyle says there’s not much you can do now. Just let nature run it’s course until the ground thaws completely. With the way this Spring is looking, that may be awhile. 

“It’s going to be expensive for our customers and it’s going to be expensive for us. There’s no doubt,” said Pyle. 

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