St. Francis House Gives Back To Community On Giving Tuesday


As Black Friday and Cyber Monday come to a close, it’s time to think about giving beyond people you may know. Organizations across the country are celebrating Giving Tuesday. 

“I always have the philosophy that if you give things you will receive more,” executive director of St. Francis House, Julie Becker said.

Executive Director Julie Becker says earlier this month, the St. Francis House received an excess of donations. Now the charity is giving back by donating to the Minnehaha County Human Services Department.

“Get them out to the people that need them the most instead of sitting on our shelves and taking up space, so it’s about us not only receiving gifts at St. Francis house but giving those gifts with our partners that we work with every day,” Becker said.

The St. Francis House donated a variety of different personal hygiene items, from deodorant, tooth paste and tooth brushes, to even shampoo and conditioner.

“We share the same clientele and they all need basic necessities so working together like this, each agency can work together,” social worker Anny Libengood said.

The St. Francis also donated warm winter clothing.

“This allows them to be able to stay warm when they’re walking from place to place because most of the people coming from county do not have vehicles and they ride the bus,” Becker said.

A day spent giving back to the community.

“We receive the blessings that are given to us, but we also have to share those blessings with people in the community, and this is our best way to be able to do that,” Becker said.

Becker says they also stopped by the bus depot to hand out sack lunches and winter clothing, plus stopped by the DUI court program and the parole office.

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