Two South Dakota natives are behind a number one book on Amazon. 

Porter the Hoarder and the Ransacked Room is a children’s book that many kids in the area will soon own. 

KELOLAND News explains why. 

Many of you have seen Napoleon Dynamite, a low-budget film that ended up being a huge success.

“Writing for kids is actually a lot harder than making a movie for adults,” Sean Covel said.

Covel was one of the producers of Napolean Dynamite, and here’s something you might not know. 

“He was born and raised in Edgemont, South Dakota,” Rebecca Swift said.

Now Covel is teaming up with Swift to make a children’s book series, Porter the Hoarder. Swift is a South Dakota illustrator and makeup artist who has also made appearances in Teen Wolf, American Idol, and Grey’s Anatomy. 

“For my entire life I was always huge into Disney and all of the animated movies. I always thought I’d be an animator. I didn’t think it would take me into the world of children’s book illustrating,” Swift said.

The team plans to make 64 books in the series. The first was just released this month.

“Porter the Hoarder is now the number one children’s book on Amazon for children’s look and find books,” Swift said.

Next week around 2000 kids in western South Dakota will be getting the book through the United Way.

“There are 2000 1st graders in the Black Hills receiving these books, but there are 11,000 other 1st graders in the state of South Dakota. We’ll have a pretty cool announcement for them in the fall,” Swift said.

An announcement that will hopefully open a new page for area families.

“The greatest thing you can give a kid is an interaction among the family, a foundation of that togetherness, and the greatest skill they can receive from that is reading,” Covel said. 

Reading from a book written write here in South Dakota. 

If you’re interested in buying the book, it’s on Amazon.