Imagine getting paid to post on social media. 

For a growing number of people, that’s a reality. 

On Monday a social media influencer talked at Executive Women’s Day at Sanford International.  

From a simple tailgate setup to how to shave your face, Landyn Hutchinson makes a livelihood out of providing lifestyle tips to women.

“It really started with women on the street asking, ‘Where did you get your hair done. Where did you get your shirt,'” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson decided to start sharing those tips on Facebook in 2013. She then launched a website, Living With Landyn, two years ago.

“Then from there it spread like wildfire. Women started sharing with their coworkers, neighbors and a lady at the grocery store,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson now travels across the country, sharing her story in-person. On Monday she talked with area women at Executive Women’s Day at Sanford International.  

“You’re constantly working the social media. It’s advertising. It’s creating who you are, what you do and getting your name out there,” Denise Pins with Creative Surfaces said.

So what steps can you take to promote yourself?

“I get so many questions about how to start your own blog and get followers. Gosh. I think if you can stay very authentic and true to your brand and figure out what that is and what you’re good at, and share that,” Hutchinson said.

Sharing that Hutchinson says is very rewarding.

“When someone comes up to me and says, ‘I got the t-shirt from Old Navy,’ that’s all I want. If a $12 tank top makes someone feel good, then I’ve done my job,” Hutchinson said.

A job that didn’t even exist just a few years ago. 

If you’re not familiar with social media influencers, companies often pay them to post about their products. 

Landyn is the wife of former professional football player Steve Hutchinson. 

Here are links to her website, Instagram and Facebook pages.