Snow Piling Up In Flandreau


There’s no shortage of snow in parts of KELOLAND this year. 

About 5 and a half feet of snow has fallen in Flandreau this season.  To give you some perspective, the normal total this time of year is about two feet. 

The yards in Flandreau are piled high with snow. 

“It’s funny. I can barely see cars go by because I can just see the top of them,” Iona Vigness said. 

Vigness and her neighbor Judy Baas are in similar boats. 

Kelli Volk: Have you ever had a pile this big in your yard?
Baas: No, not since we lived here.

It makes it more difficult for her to back out of the driveway. 

“You can’t see until you get right out into the street if someone’s coming so I really try to be very careful when I back out because it’s really hard to see coming from either way,” Baas said. 

Street Superintendent Mike Fargen calls this winter a tough one. 

“The streets are getting narrower. The corners, as you can see, you can’t see around them,” Fargen said. 

He’s reminding drivers to be careful at the corners. 

While more snow is headed for KELOLAND, Baas is keeping this in mind. 

“I was watching the Alabama tornado and I thought, ‘We got to quit complaining here because it could be much worse,'” Baas said. 

“We’re used to it. We’re tough,” Vigness said. 

Fargen added cars parked on the street can make it difficult for plows. 

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