Sister Of Domestic Violence Victim Speaks At SD Capitol

One of the most horrific murders in South Dakota was a case of domestic violence.

Tami Reay was brutally stabbed and killed by her husband Brad Reay, after asking for a divorce ten years ago. 

Then he tried to pin the murder on their 12-year-old daughter Haylee.  However, her father was convicted of the crime.

Haylee spoke to us just two years later about the toll her mother’s murder and father’s betrayal had taken on her. 

Now at 22, Haylee has given TED Talks, sharing her story in hopes of reducing domestic violence. 

Tami’s sister Holly, who later married the prosecutor in Brad Reay’s murder case, was in Pierre this weekend for domestic violence awareness month. 

She spoke at a vigil at the capitol.  

“It’s been ten years since I lost my sister Tami, so it’s important to me to honor her memory and to continuing educating people about domestic violence,” Holly Love said.

Reay’s twin brother, Bret Reay, served time in jail for trying to help frame Tami Reay’s lover for her murder.

The South Dakota Supreme Court upheld Brad Reay’s murder conviction upon appeal.