Cities across the world are hoping to bring entrepreneur’s ideas to life as a part of Startup Week. Fifty people in Sioux Falls came together this weekend with hopes of pitching the next big idea.

It’s much like Sioux Falls’ version of the show “Shark Tank:” 20 pitches on Friday night are narrowed down to six and then teams worked through Sunday night to come up with the city’s next great idea. 

Will Bushee’s ideas start as a small solution to one of his every day problems. But the hardest part is figuring out how to sell it.

“You can have the world’s greatest idea. But if nobody will buy it, it just doesn’t do you any good. So it really boils down to how are you able to make money off of it and how are you able to sell it and turn it into a business,” Bushee said. 

Bushee brought his ideas to the table for four Sioux Falls Startup weekends. His website, won two years ago. 

But what’s more important to him is mentoring the new entrepreneurs throughout the weekend. 

“I think the big thing is just shining the light on those that have been successful and saying you can do this as well,” Bushee said. 

Zeal Center For Entrepreneurship puts on the event each year. 

“It’s the right timing and the right team coming together. But no matter what you’re making connections with people that are current business owners and maybe even retired people that have been there done that, and also people that have a lot of energy coming up. So that’s where the magic is at,” Zeal’s Thadeus Giedd said. 

Marketing companies like Click Rain are supporters of the event, hoping to help entrepreneurs take their ideas from one weekend to reality. 

“Whenever you get a room full of people who are excited about building community, building businesses, building partnerships, it’s so much more than just a weekend,” Kristina Johnson, Click Rain account strategist, said. 

While many people’s pitches never leave the room, Bushee says the relationships built will. 

“They have this knowledge that they can continue on either their current business or a new idea or new business,” Bushee said.