Sioux Falls School Staff Getting Special Training


More than 40 staff members from the Sioux Falls School District are being trained this week on how to help students develop coping skills. 

Staff members from all over the district are getting special training this week. Horace Mann Principal Tara Eckstaine says it’s a “must have” in today’s school environment. 

“Children are coming to school with bigger issues each and every day. The trauma, the adverse childhood experiences, coupled with a lot of busy parents at home that children don’t always get that good practice of how to manage their own behavior,” Eckstaine said. 

It starts with teaching students what behavior is expected. It’s also important to know how to calm them down during a negative situation. 

“How to step in and help the student be able to regulate and get better versus having a bigger episode that could get them into more trouble like a suspension or a detention,” Eckstaine said. 

Jessi McCormick teaches at Hawthorne Elementary. She’s had the training before and is here for a refresher. 

“If you don’t understand social skills, it’s really hard to be able to manage academics,” McCormick said. 

Each teacher and administrator getting this training is going to take what they’ve learned back to their own schools and put them into practice next year. 

“Being able to stay on task. Follow instructions. Listen. Cooperate with others. Those aren’t just classroom tasks, that is life skills. If you have a struggle to do those as an elementary student, it’s a perfect opportunity in a safe environment to work on them now so you have those skills later on to become a productive citizen,” McCormick said.  

The training is all week and is based off curriculum from Boys Town.

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