Sioux Falls Police Patrol for Illegal Fireworks


If you splurged on fireworks; think before you light them, or they could cost you a lot more.  Sioux Falls Police are on the look out for any illegal fireworks within city limits. 

This Fourth of July, you will find Officer Jill Winninger in the driver’s seat. 

“We’re definitely looking for any violations,” Winninger said. 

Winninger does not want to fizzle anyone’s fun, but also does not want anyone to get banged up. 

“A lot of people underestimate the dangers of fireworks when their mishandled,” Winninger said. 

She is just one of the patrols in the city on the lookout for people lighting illegal fireworks.  

“Things that cause an audible noise, that shoots projectiles, or has launching capabilities,” Winninger said. 

There was also an effort to crackdown on fireworks last year.  

“How are you?  I assume you guys know why I’m here. Can I get all three of your IDs please?” Officer Cynthia Holmquest said to a three individuals in 2016. 

Officers received 294 complaints last year.  

“Do you guys understand why we’re out here? We’re not trying to ruin your fun. It’s safety. I mean, you guys are throwing them this direction at a house and at trees,” Holmquest said. 

So far this week, officers have answered more than 90 calls.  If you are caught, you will get a $95 ticket.  You can add $170 to that if you are littering.

“People are lighting off their fireworks and don’t pick up their remains they left behind, which may be in their neighbors’ yards or they may not even live in the neighborhood where they’re lighting off fireworks.  That’s very frustrating to many homeowners,” Winninger said.

So, if you plan to kick Fourth of July in high gear this year, be sure you are using legal fireworks if you are within city limits. 

“Leave it to the professionals.  There’s many fireworks displays around the City of Sioux Falls going on,” Winninger said.

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