Sioux Falls Lets Creativity Flow At Paint The Plow Event


The 6th annual Paint the Plow event went on Saturday, and city officials say they’re continuing to allow students to paint whatever they want on the plows.

26 creatively designed snow plows line the JC Penney Parking lot at the Empire Mall. People came to view the designs created by students in the Sioux Falls district.

There was controversy with some religious designs last year, but City officials say they would not censor the students work. Now, each plow has a disclaimer decal that says the city encourages creativity. One New Technology High School student says he didn’t hold back his creativity when it came to his school’s unique design.

“So we created the mask and I wanted it to look fierce so I made him like all angry, so when it’s coming at the snow its like ‘Ugh! I want to eat you!'” New Technology High School Student Michael Tetrault said.

The public had the opportunity to vote on their favorite design.  The winner of the competition will be announced next week.

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