Sioux Falls Issues Double The Number Of Sidewalk Tickets


It’s a rule in most cities.

You have 48 hours to remove snow from your sidewalk after a storm ends.
But not everyone follows that rule. 

City code enforcement says that because we’ve had a milder winter, people are waiting for mother nature to take care of the snow–which means they’ve gotten almost double the complaints. 

1,115 complaints. All about sidewalks that were not shoveled. 

“We call them nuisance snows, but when we get smaller snow events, we tend to get more complaints,” Sioux Falls City Code Enforcement Manager Matt Tobias said. 

So far, the city code enforcement manager says they’ve handed out 136 tickets. Last winter– they wrote 74. 

“I have two city inspectors, and they cut the city in half at Minnesota. They’ll tell you there’s not really one half of the city, east or west that’s worse,” Tobias said. 

These neighbors on Lyndale both got tickets. But there’s hope for them. They’ve got a brand spanking new shovel out front. 

“I mean, there’s really not an area of town that’s worse than the others,” Tobias said. 

However, the street with the most citations–is Duluth Avenue which runs right behind Augustana University’s campus. Eight got citations. 

“You could go back to it, and you could look at it and say maybe this area, younger people, you know, college kids, maybe they aren’t shoveling, but that’s not the case,” Tobias said. 

It’s a citywide problem, because of a milder winter. 

“People tend to look at the forecast, after we get a snow event, and see if there’s going to be any melting, where as if we have a larger snow, like six or eight inches, people take care of that one right away,” Tobias said. 

After a complaint, you get 24 hours to shovel, or else you’ll have to pay the ticket on top of the cost to remove the snow. 

Now if your sidewalk isn’t shoveled just yet, the city code enforcement manager says you don’t need to worry just yet. They’re going to wait until Monday to enforce the code for this most recent snowfall.

If you wait for the snow to melt –and it’s packed down and icy–it takes a lot longer for city contractors to clear your sidewalk– and you have to pay for their labor. 

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