The City of Sioux Falls officially partnered with Verizon Wireless to install the technology needed to make 5G a reality throughout the city on Tuesday night. 

The city council approved the contract that will allow the “small cell technology” on city-owned light and utility poles in the public right-of-way and in city parks

There are already laws in place that will decide how close these small cell towers can be to property and other towers.

“Preparing Sioux Falls to rollout 5G technology has been a priority for my administration since taking office,” Mayor Paul TenHaken said in a statement. “As a City that embraces innovation and technology, 5G is key driver in the future of Sioux Falls. It will help drive the growth of local businesses, create new industries, help the City rollout smart city initiatives, and position Sioux Falls as a technological leader in the Midwest.”

Verizon will begin installing a small number of cells in Sioux Falls in 2019, according to the city.