A commercial shrimp harbor is moving forward in Luverne. 

The trū® Shrimp Company’s Board of Directors has told management to finalize all engineering and construction plans for the site. 

The Minnesota-based company wants to develop a large shrimp industry in the state, hundreds of miles from The Gulf. 

Since January of 2015, trū® Shrimp has been perfecting the technology. 

Workers have already been growing the shrimp in nearby Balaton inside an old school.

The company hopes to break ground on the 67-acre complex in Luverne next year and have it all finished in a couple of years.

When it’s done, the farm should be capable of producing more than eight million pounds of shrimp a year, which will then be processed at a Schwan’s plant in Marshall. 

Right now, 80 percent of the shrimp we eat in the U.S. comes from southeast Asia.