The Sioux Falls School District is adding a new position to help cut waste in the school system. We talked to Superintendent Brian Maher about the new role and the familiar candidate chosen to fill it. 

The Sioux Falls School District is looking to mix things up. They’re starting this new mission with a new position.

“Districts don’t spend any money or time specifically on research and development. I think that’s going to be real exciting for us,” Sioux Falls Superintendent, Brian Maher said. 

The job is called Director of Research Innovation and Accountability. The goal is to have one person look into the various programs and future goals of the district, to see where time and money need to be re-directed.

“Sometimes programs stay because we’ve always done it that way, and there’s no real program evaluation. So I think what we can do is make sure that we’re spending the dollars wisely,” Maher said. 

The man the district has chosen for the job is someone familiar to Sioux Falls schools.

Doug Morrison served nine years on the school board, and is now leaving his high power career as CFO with CitiBank to help the district.

“You really have to do what you want to be doing, right? To me, it’s more having significance than success,” Morrison said. 

Now, Morrison is excited to start a second career and be making a difference in the lives of children every day.

“I think doing full-time what I’ve kind of been doing on the school board and delving into on a part-time basis, and really anyone who knows me knows kids are my passion,” Morrison said.

A passion he can now commit to.

Maher says spending money now on the new job will save the district even more money down the road. Morrison will be taking over his new job on August 14.