It looks like Donald Trump will be the Republican Presidential nominee.

After winning last night in Indiana, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have both ended their campaigns. But will Republicans rally around Trump, especially those up for reelection?

During this election cycle, many Republicans went on record saying they would never support Donald Trump. But now that it’s looking like he’s going to get the GOP nomination, Republicans are under pressure if they want to take back the White House.

The path is now clear for Donald Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee.

But many Republicans believe the hard work for Trump is just beginning as he attempts to unify a fractured Republican Party.

KELOLAND News sat down with Republican U.S. Senator Mike Rounds. 
“After Mike Huckabee left the race back earlier this year, I said I’d support whoever the Republican nominee for President is.  I think most of us would presume it will be Donald Trump.  When he has that nomination, I will support him,” Rounds said.

But will other Republicans, especially those up for reelection this year who vowed never to support Trump?

Rounds says Trump could impact their races in a positive way if he begins to hone in on what’s important to Americans and the issues we’re facing. 
“It’s a matter of how he handles the questions and challenges as they come a long now,” Rounds said.

Rounds says he’s met Trump once and the businessman wasn’t as flamboyant as most voters see him. 
“Our conversation was entirely different from what you see on TV, he asked good questions about South Dakota.  He was interested in our economy.  Very reserved, direct questions.  Calm; entirely different from what you see as the TVs come in and all the excitement that he generates,” Rounds said.

Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem said in a statement to KELOLAND News, “I don’t always agree with Mr. Trump, but he is the presumptive nominee of our party and I will support him because I believe in our vision for a smaller government, a system that genuinely respects taxpayers, and greater freedom for all.”

We also reached out to Senator John Thune about this topic, but didn’t get a response before the story aired.  We’ll update it once we hear back.