Scotty the T-Rex overtakes Sue as biggest dinosaur discovered

Hollywood move over — Scotty is the new star in paleontology.

At 42 feet long, this tyrannosaurus was the size of a city bus, weighed nearly 20,000 pounds, and lived for 30 years — the largest and oldest T-Rex in history! 

Scotty is such a giant — it edged out Sue, the famous T-Rex who, of course, was discovered here in KELOLAND. Sue was discovered near Faith in northwestern South Dakota. She was 40 feet long and weighed more than 18,000 pounds.

Scotty was found in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. But discovering dinosaur bones doesn’t happen as most people think.

“It is never as what you see depicted in Jurassic Park where you are out there in the badlands and you are brushing the sand off the wonderfully complete 100% there articulated skeleton,” University of Alberta Dr. Scott Persons said.

Scientists found a lot of Scotty — almost 65 percent of the skeleton intact, including the skull, the lower jaw; vertebrae from the neck, back and tail; and parts of the hips, leg and shoulder. 

The sandstone Scotty was found in is so hard it took researchers almost a decade to dig it all out and realize just what they had.

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