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They see your children almost every day, and can be important influences to help your sons and daughters succeed. No, we’re not just talking about teachers. School has already started for some students, and starts on August 22 for the Sioux Falls School District. Before that happens, the company that gets your kids to where they’re going needs more help. You may have even seen signs up all over Sioux Falls.

Even when he’s not holding the wheel, Greg Morgan can’t seem to steer clear of his fans. That’s especially true when he’s just getting groceries.

“You’ll be going through the checkout, two boys are there. Then they look, mom. You ask the kid, you know, are you playing sports this summer. ‘Yup, yup, yup.’ and then, ‘he’s my bus driver,'” Greg Morgan said.

Morgan is often the first one to greet students going to school, and it’s been that way for five years.

“A lot of them, you can tell if something is going on, because they’re a little bit upset and you cheer them up a little bit and away they go,” Morgan said.

Now School Bus Inc. is looking for more drivers like Morgan.

“I know school’s getting close when I see my name posted everywhere,” Kevin Hansen, Safety Director, said.

Safety director Kevin Hansen says the company wants to hire 14 more drivers for the school year. Hansen says drivers go through background checks, drug tests, and other exams before they’re hired. He says most people like the job’s flexible work hours.

“You can put another job in with it. If you’re a golfer, you have the afternoon to golf,” Hansen said.

Morgan says his favorite part of the job happens every morning.

“The younger ones coming on the first time is always the most fun for them. They get on and they’re all new. (They say) ‘Hey, this is neat!'” Morgan said.

A few drivers are already on their routes, and Morgan is looking forward to when the rest of Sioux Falls’ students are back on his bus.

“It’s really nice to see them,” Morgan said.

To learn more about applying to a school bus driver job, visit School Bus Inc.’s website.

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