Celebrating the Halloween holiday is usually fun for families, but it can be a stressful for house pets.  If you’re not careful, goons and goblins could send your dog or cat running out of the door. 

Cages fill up fast around this time of year at the Sioux Falls Humane Society.  

“We see strays come in all through Halloween night and into the next day,” Meghan McNeil, Front Office Supervisor, said.

McNeil said going door-to-door for candy is not always the best thing for house pets. 

“People come in looking for their animals, because they open the door for trick-or-treaters, kids are running in and out,” McNeil said.

Animal Control Officer Missy John is here to give you some tips on keeping your pet safe during the fall holiday.  

” You want to make sure that no matter what you’re animals have their collars and their tags appropriate so that we can get a hold of you if necessary, but even better, keep your animals in a separate room during the time your handing out candy to people, so that way you don’t have to take a chance with them running loose,” Missy John, Animal Control Officer, said.

And if you’re planning to have guests over, here’s a word of caution. 

Around the holiday season, human society officers say bite reports actually go up.  That’s because pets may get uncomfortable around people they don’t know. 

“Another good reason to keep pets that are going to be secured away in another place so that they’re not scared, but also so a bite doesn’t accidently occur as well,” John said.

John adds you should do your best to keep your pets away from candy and other sugary foods.  Several Halloween treats like chocolate can be toxic for cats and dogs.