Safe Fourth Of July At Lake Okoboji Thanks To Volunteer Team


You can hear the fire rescue boat, before you see it coming at Lake Okoboji. 

Mark Petersen is a captain at Arnold’s Park Fire Rescue. He says that common sense is key when out on the water during the 4th of July holiday. 

“A lot of people are here on vacation, and we understand that. Just don’t get to far out of your routine. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do back at home,” Arnold Park Fire Rescue Captain Mark Petersen said. 

There are around 20,000 people in Dickinson County on a normal weekend. On a holiday weekend, that number can triple in size.

Petersen says a safe weekend comes down to a team effort. 

“I think it’s a high presence of law enforcement,  I think it’s good education on the community and the state DNR and the fire department. I think people are just getting smarter,” Petersen said. 

Arnold’s Park Fire Rescue responds to emergencies, while the DNR handles law enforcement on the water. 

Petersen says even though it’s legal to drink alcohol out on the water, you should think twice. 

“Alcohol effects a person a lot more on the water than it is on land. You’re out in the environment, you’re in the waves, you’re in the wind,” Petersen said. 

Which is why Petersen says it’s so important to know your limits. 

“It gets real frustrating when you get called out to an incident where there is alcohol involved, it could have probably been avoided,” Petersen said. 

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