Rock Valley Repels Flood Waters From Rock River


Rock Valley, Iowa is no stranger to floods which is why they came equipped and prepared for this one. 

The Rock River in Rock Valley, Iowa reached 21.6 feet which is the second highest it’s ever been. 

“We’ve been planning for about two weeks now because we knew that we were going to get flooded we had sand prepared we had plastic ready to go we had the crews ready to go,” Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo said.

The town uses berms to help guide and stop the Rock River from overflowing into houses.

“The water went higher than anticipated and was breaching the berm and we tried to fix it last night but it was getting beat up by the large chunks of ice coming down the river,” Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo said.

They’re pretty simple to make.

“We just lay tarp down on the ground and dumps sand into the tarp fold it over and put sand on the backside and this creates a nice berm and we can throw a couple feet up pretty quickly,” Joe Miller said.

So far city crews say there seems to be minimal damage.

“We’ve held it. Most of the houses I think are in pretty good shape. We’ve saved all of the infrastructure; everything seems to be going really well at this moment,” Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo said.

Mayor Van Otterloo says the city is working on creating a permanent berm on the northwest side.

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