Roads Covered With Floodwater In Lennox


The City of Lennox is dealing with floodwaters. The City Adminstrator says only a few homes had water in the basement but several roads are flooding over in and around town. 

It’s taking a bit of strategy to get around Lennox Thursday.

“Right now I believe we have three intersections closed in town,” VanderPlaats said.

City Administrator Nathan VanderPlaats says rushing water over the road is making travel dangerous. The Lennox Fire Department had to rescue a driver Thursday. VanderPlaats is hoping there won’t be many more rescues. 

“We’re hoping we don’t have to transition from a flood response to a blizzard response. We’ll see what comes but we’ll handle it either way,” VanderPlaats said. 

“Oh I thought I’d come over and take a look and see how much water is sitting around. There is quite a bit,” Vincent Plucker said. 

Vincent Plucker lives west of Lennox. 

“We live right by the Vermillion river. It’s surrounding the house right now. I have an idea it’s going to get worse before it gets better,” Plucker said. 

In the meantime, it sounds like local infrastructure, including the Lennox wastewater plant, is holding up. 

“A believe we had 1.4 million gallons come through the plant yesterday. A normal day for us is 200,000. That’s a lot of water all at one time. We were very happy that we were able to keep those pumps moving and get the water out of the system,” VanderPlaats said.

Plucker says staying positive is key.

“Oh sure you have to. It will be July before too long. So we’ll be alright. This is just a passing thing. It will go away,” Plucker said. 

VanderPlaats says Lennox saw all of its snow melt overnight. He says the city’s number one priority is keeping essential services in good shape. He says there have been no reports of sewer backups in town. 

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