Rest Days In Your Fitness Routine


Getting to the gym is important for your physical health, it’s also important to take a break. 

That’s why fitness trainers say you need to add in rest days to your routine. 

When it comes to his fitness routine, Michael Merrill says without rest days he wouldn’t perform as well. 

“I want to take either one or two days just to let my body kind of relax, recover some of those muscles that are pretty sore,” Merrill said. 

He’s in the gym about three to four times per week, and says without taking break his muscles recover at a slower pace. 

“I’ll feel pretty beat up by the end of the week and it’s actually going to make my next week probably a bit worse,” Merrill said. 

Fitness trainer Allie Daly with GreatLIFE says depending on your training schedule, you should take one to two rest days a week. 

“If somebody’s in here four days a week and they’re going hard every single day that’s going to increase their risk of injury and overuse and then most of the time, especially if it’s somebody that’s new here, they’ll usually burn out,” Daly said. 

Daly says keep in mind even during a rest day it’s important to hydrate and get a full nights rest to help your body reset. 

Trainers say the term rest day shouldn’t be taken literally and instead recommend you still get your muscles moving, just at a slower pace than usual.

“Come over and foam roll, roll your entire body out. You can do some dynamic stretching. You can hit up some of the yoga classes we have here, we have regular yoga we have hot yoga, and you can do something as simple as going for a walk,” Daly said. 

Merrill agrees, and says sitting around leaves his body feeling worse.

“The more you sit around the worse it’s going to get. Usually you want to get active, stay moving, maybe not working those muscles but just getting the blood flowing,” Merrill said. 

So, no matter what kind of shape you’re in or what your workout consists of, don’t forget to add a rest day or two to your schedule. 

“We really, really, really would like people to take rest days just because it’s going to help with their overall health and wellness,” Daly said. 

If you’d like advice on what to do during your rest days, Daly says any of the trainers will be happy to help. 

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