It’s a ‘sad situation.’ 

That’s how an animal shelter official is describing a hoarding case out of southern South Dakota. 

In February, Sioux Falls Humane Officers rescued 49 cats from a rural home. 

“There was garbage and feces throughout the house. There was places where there was no running water and the people were living there,” Sioux Falls Area Humane Society Executive Director Kori Baade said. 

That’s how dozens of cats landed at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. About a month and a half after their rescue, the battle against a slate of health issues continues. 

“A lot of them have dental disease. Some of them have upper respiratory infections,” Baade said. 

As the shelter helps their new residents recover, they’re looking for fellow animals lovers to step up. 

Some of the cats taken from the home are already available for adoption.

“These guys are pretty social. They’ve been around a lot of people in the last month and a half taking care of them and spoiling them here so they really, really want to find homes,” Baade said. 

Only that’s not all you can do.

“We’ve taken in several cases of hoarding. We’ve had, I think, three different houses that we’ve tried to start taking cats in,” Baade says. 

The shelter needs your help putting a stop to cases like these. 

“If you see these situations and the animals are in that bad of condition, it’s everyone’s responsibility to call in and tell us because we can help,” Baade said. 

It’s a call that could help more animals land in a safe home. 

Baade says about eight or nine of the cats are already available for adoption.