Republican Governor Candidates Get High Marks


Who will you vote for? 

Congresswoman Kristi Noem or Attorney General Marty Jackley? 

Both have been wildly popular in our red state, but only one can be the next Republican candidate for Governor. 

Before we look at some numbers, let us first tell you how our scientific poll was conducted.   

Mason-Dixon Polling out of Jacksonville, Florida asked 625 registered Republican voters in South Dakota by telephone a series of questions between May 21 and May 23.   All stated they were likely to vote in the June GOP primary.

First we wanted to look at the candidates favorable and unfavorable ratings. 

According to our scientific poll Congresswoman Kristi Noem is recognized favorable by 67 percent of the voters, while Marty Jackley received a 59 percent favorable.

When you look at all the numbers Noem has a 15 percent unfavorable rating and Jackley has a 13 percent unfavorable rating. Interestingly, six percent of people don’t recognize Jackley, while only one percent don’t recognize Noem. 

We asked both candidates why they think South Dakota Republicans give them such high marks?

“I’ve been working for South Dakota for the last eight years fighting in Congress for their conservative values I think they recognize that I’m just like they are, I’m a mom and a wife, running small businesses and have been invovled in agriculture my whole life and I’ve worked real hard in giving them results over the years,”  Noem said. 

“I think it’s because they’ve seen me as their trusted U.S. Attorney and Attorney General, they’ve seen me as a conservative, somebody they can trust, somebody will work hard for them and get good results,”  Jackley said.

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