Relieving Spring Allergies


As we welcome spring weather in KELOLAND, some of us are also seeing a not so welcome sight. 

Spring allergies may already be impacting people, but experts say there are some things you can do to tackle them. 

“This time of the year there’s some of the evergreen trees starting to pollinate and I just have a lot of congestion and coughing, and that kind of thing,” Delores Whitney said. 

Delores Whitney says she’s dealt with spring allergies her whole life, so the symptoms of itchy eyes and a stuffy nose are nothing new. 

“My voice goes too sometimes in the spring so, and that may be good my husband says,” Whitney said. 

Whitney’s symptoms aren’t uncommon according to Lewis Drug Pharmacist Jonathon Feist, but luckily there’s many ways to treat them.

“An antihistamine like your Zyrtec and Claritin and Allegra, or you can even do the Flonase, the nasal sprays they also help too with congestion. If a patient kind of has also just like sinus pressure, that type of stuff, they can get Sudafed behind the counter, that’s kind of what we recommend,” Feist said. 

Whitney uses an over the counter nasal spray to treat some of her symptoms, in addition to some spring cleaning. 

“All the curtains in my house I can wash and I’m in the process right now of getting the curtains all washed and that makes a difference, it makes a real difference to get the dust,” Whitney said. 

Feist says other ways to keep allergens at bay is utilizing your air conditioning instead of opening windows, staying hydrated, and using a humidifier. 

If you regularly walk outside be sure to wash your clothes and jump in the shower to get rid of any allergens. 

If you know you’re going to be outside, Feist suggests taking an allergy medication at least 2 hours beforehand.
But before grabbing a medication, it’s a good idea to talk with your pharmacist to narrow down which one is best for your symptoms. 

“We’re glad to talk to you about it and hopefully we can get you feeling back to normal and I guess well taken care of,” Feist said. 

To contact a pharmacist about how to specifically treat your spring allergies, click here.

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