Kalen Haan is in the business of building homes.

“I started right out of high school in 2001,” Kalen Haan said.

Only later in life, a problem shook his foundation.

“I developed a habit. The habit was to have fun,”Haan said.

That habit landed him behind prison walls.

“I became an alcoholic and struggled with it for a great while and ended up going to prison for multiple DUIs,” Haan said.

Haan says he went to prison three times before setting foot on a different path.

“I heard about it through the church services that are in prison. I decided that might be a good way to go,” Haan said.

“We do whatever we can to help them out,” Rhonda Haverhals said.

Rhonda Haverhals and her husband Jeff are co-directors of Kingdom Boundaries, a faith-based program that opens its door to people like Haan.

“We’ve been working with prison ministry for probably about 30 years and over the years have seen the struggles the guys go through when they get out and the lack of support they have,” Rhonda Haverhals.

That support comes in a variety of ways. For some, it means being able to use a computer to apply for jobs or getting a ride across town. For others it comes in the forms of food and shelter.

The organization provides housing for up to nine men at the Carpenter’s Shop. Hann spent just over two months there.

“Jesus was a carpenter. This is his house,” Rhonda Haverhals said.

Much like a carpenter or a home builder, the Haverals hope their set of tools will have a real impact in the lives of the people they help.

“Everybody comes broken and hopefully they leave in a better position, better standing than when they came in,” Rhonda Haverhals said.

“We’re concerned about their horizontal, which would be their material things: housing, food, clothing, shelter. That needs to be taken care of, but we also care about their vertical, their relationship with Jesus Christ and that’s where the faith basis comes in,” Jeff Haverhals said.

Haan says having this guidance helped him craft a new opportunity for himself–something that he says can be challenging for people stepping back into society.

“In prison you have very few choices and you get out and you have every choice you could want to make so the biggest problem with these choices is they were usually not prioritized,” Haan said.

Haan says a helping hand helped him rebuild at a speed that was right for him.

“It was a great, great pace from going to prison to there instead of to prison to out on my own,” Haan said.

Now, Haan is working on a different building project.

“Who doesn’t want to build their own home?” Haan said.

The Haverhals say if you’d like to help you could consider becoming a mentor. You can find more information on the organization’s website.