Rapid City Police Receive Satellite Office

Thanks to a donation from a Rapid City apartment complex, police officers are now able to get out of their patrol cars and into a satellite office to get more work done.
“They approached us and said we have this spare area here, is this something you would use if we did it and we thought it through and said yeah we would like to give it a try, and we gave it a try, it’s been several months in the works now, and it’s been a positive decision,” RCPD lieutenant Elias Diaz said.
The satellite office is located at the Knollwood Townhouses. Any officer can come in and catch up on reports, work on sector policing efforts, or even take a lunch break.
“Patrol officers like it, having that extra little spot where they can be and the members of the community up there like that as well,” Diaz said.
“We had a couple tenants say that they felt safer having them here and I noticed the community relations improve,” Knollwood Townhouses on-site Manager, Angie Davis said.
The Knollwood Townhouses have been part of the RCPD’s Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, which aims to create a safer environment in different apartment complex’s around the city.
“We’re hoping with this partnership we can have a little more visibility in the area, have a little bit more quicker access, not only us quicker access to management, but management having better access to police officers,” Diaz said.
A way to build relations in the community.
“This is just one more step furthering that already existing positive relationship,” Diaz said.

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