Raccoon Scaling Office Building In Minnesota Draws Plenty Of Attention

Racoon St. Paul Minnesota

Updated 6:26 a.m. 

A raccoon that appeared to be stranded on a ledge after climbing more than 20 stories of a high-rise office building in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, has made it to the roof, easing concerns that the animal could plummet to its death.

A raccoon in Minnesota is catching the nation’s attention. 

The little critter got stuck Tuesday on the side of an office building. Laura Podesta tells us about how the raccoon got up there, and the efforts to get it down.

A s the sun set in St. Paul, Tuesday, this raccoon settled into his temporary home.
A nook, next to an office building window, 20 floors above street level.

“It’s hard not to have the little guy not capture your attention and your heart,” Attorney Shelia Donnelly-Coyne said. 

The furry little critter scaled the UBS building early Tuesday, After being scared by building workers trying to help it off an overhang.

“The maintenance staff came out with some two by fours screwed together and pushed them up to the raccoon thinking that he would run down the boards onto the street and escape,” Minnesota Public Radio’s Tim Nelson said. 

Instead, the raccoon fled upward as onlookers watched from below and from inside the UBS building — taking photos of its perilous journey. Before long the animal was gaining celebrity beyond the twin cities. hashtag “mprraccoon” is trending on Twitter,

Animal Control is calling a mission to rescue the raccoon too dangerous so a trap — filled with cat food — has been placed on the roof.
The hope is this little furball will smell it and climb up to safety.

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